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Mini storage are small business oriented containers and spaces which are rented out. Mini storage was initially called a mini warehouse. The storage provider usually rent out space to customers for storing household belongings or items from a small business enterprise. The mini storage is kept under lock and key using the customers on key. Once the space is rented out the storage provider doesn’t have a free and easy access to the unit. The storage provider can never take control over the belongings in the rental unit.

Security concern of a storage unit is of prime importance. Round the clock security guards, CCTV cameras and computerized entry and exit points make these storage units a very safe place to keep your belongings. Then climate controlled units also protect your items from being damaged. The location of a mini storage is also give a lot of importance after security measures. It’s absolutely pointless to have unit miles away from where you reside. It’s always essential that the mini storage space is easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Mobile storage units are also available like trucks and vans.

Nowadays there are a lot of options in case of mini storage with a large variety of sizes and shapes. The variety of size gives the customer the freedom to choose a unit according to his need. A typical mini storage is windowless, walled with corrugated metal gates. The locks to the gates are with the customer. Security measures include CCTV cameras, guards and computerized entry and exit points which keep control round the clock.

Climate controlled mini storages are becoming popular in the urban areas with elevators and freight lifts to carry the goods. Climate controlled units are very useful as they protect your goods from being damaged from moisture related agents. Some providers offer loading floors where the goods are unloaded.

Mini storages only allow customers who rent the place to stack up non hazardous and non explosive substances only for security concerns. People are forbidden from living in the room. Rental laws are pretty strict if a customer fails to pay up the rent by a designated date his goods are sold in auction.

In recent times the storage market has grown considerably in the world but is the largest and the most established in Europe. There are storage associations who are working towards to providing this facility to a large number of people. The reason storage units are gaining such popularity is because it is flexible, gives the customer freedom, safe and secured.

The storage provider can auction the goods of non paying customers in order to clean his premises because such is given in the rental laws of each state. Such auctions are open to the general public. But those who buy have the motif of reselling it with the hope of making a large profit.

There are less formal mini storages in the form of locker rooms, luggage areas in train stations, airports, hotels and water theme parks where one keeps his or her belongings for a very small period of time i.e. for a few hours.

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