Self Movers

Mostly people in their early 20’s or late 20’s are the ones who will be found being self movers. They are not well off enough to pay a company to move their goods for them and need to move because, either their company is relocating them or have to leave to join a new job. Self movers are usually under the illusion that moving is not that hard rather it requires minimal efforts, however that is not true self movers need to read up before they even try to move if they want to make sure nothing is harmed in process of moving.

Self movers can also hire trucks to move the heavy objects for them, but this heavy furniture have to be padded before they are loaded into a truck to protect it from any harm that might come to it in the process of it moving. Self movers need to take their time in planning the moving as a lot of things come under consideration like the welfare of the mover , he does not get hurt in the process of moving then comes the object itself that it is not harmed while being moved and finally minimizing the time that will be taken to move.

To stop over loading of work the self movers must start packing as early as they can and to pack them properly to make it easy to carry and transport. The box needs to be stuffed with enough bubble wrap and crushed paper and then taped at least 2 to 3 times to avoid the contents falling or breaking. Then the boxes need to be marked so the self mover knows which box goes where like if a box contains the utensils it needs to be marked kitchen and so on. This way the self mover is aware of what box goes where and saves a lot of time. Usually there are standard sizes of boxes that can be used by self movers and other equipment required by self movers would be tape, bubble wrap or newspapers and tape. All this equipments need to be setup on a table where everything can be packed.

But the moving boxes do not need to be heavily packed because some one has to carry them self movers also should carry a check book to know where to check off an article already loaded. However, important documents should never be packed and self movers should keep them with themselves. As for glass item or crockery the self movers can put them in plastic containers to protect them and no be packed with the boxes as this way there is more protection for the glass items.

For safety precautions the self movers can tightly pack all the flammable liquids like nail polish remover or cooking oils as they might catch fire. Self movers can pack these bottles in paper so that they observe all the dripping that takes place and no fire results, preventing the hazard from happening.

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